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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another interesting "coincidence". W. Leslie Heiter MD

Further research on the "Nourmahal Gang" reveals that one member of this exclusive club was quite different than the others. Dr. W. Leslie Heiter was not a wealthy man and was considerably younger than the rest of the group, a rather odd person to be hanging out with a group of privileged blue bloods. A native of Alabama, he trained at Tulane and soon joined the staff of Memorial Hospital in New York in the late 1920's. 

The owner of the Normahal and FDR's close friend was Vincent Astor, who also was a major benefactor of Memorial Hospital (as was his grandmother Charlotte Gibbes Astor).

It appears that the good Doctor Heiter was a surgeon who specialized in head and neck surgery. Here is a paper he wrote in 1930 (see below). 

So now we not only have an expert in the field of radiation of melanoma of the sinuses (McEuen) writing FDR about the "cancer patient" on the Nourmahal, but also a physician who wrote a recent paper of cancer of the sinuses on board! 

Two coincidences? Unlikely.

Laboratory Studies and Clinical Studies
A CASE OF CARCINOMA OF THE NASAL MUCOSA WITH EXTENSION TO THE FRONTAL SINUS BY WLeslie Heiter, M.D. E. L., female, age 61, admitted March , 1929. History of slight bleeding from the right nostril accompanied by a ...