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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Grace Tully Papers

FDR has once again made the news with the "discovery" of the sequestered Grace Tully papers, the former archive of the disgraced FDR biographer Conrad Black, currently imprisoned. Black's excellent, exceedingly long volume was published by Public Affairs, the same house that published our book.

Hightlights of the "new" material include a letter to FDR from Mussolini, a nice letter from Joseph Kennedy and a letter expressing great concern for FDR's health by Lucy Rutherford, in which she arranges her last visit to Warm Springs.

It is no secret that Tully knew about Lucy. In fact she mentioned her neing in Warm Springs in 1948 and no one picked up on its significance. The Chicago Tribune knew about Lucy's presence in 1948 and sat on the story until Jonathan Daniels' 1966 article in LIFE.

I don't expect anything significant in the remainder of the archive with respect to FDR's health though it will be fun to go over some fresh material. We are quite correct in our book about the reality of the situation and it will take a while until it sinks in so that mainstream historians come on board. It will happen- just a matter of time. No credible medical professional has yet to puch a hole on our thesis.

FDR most probably died of a brain hemorrhage into a metaststic melanoma- period.

This blogger would be most receptive to presenting a personal lecture at any academic venue.

Yours in history,



  1. Lucy Mercer's married name was Mrs. Wintie Rutherfurd, not "Rutherford."

    Great site!

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  3. I've just come into possession of a photograph of Grace Tully by Maurice Constant and a drawing of Grace Tully. They came from the Sinton estate--Alice Sinton was Grace Tully's niece.

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