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Friday, September 3, 2010

AStunning New Photograph Portrait ca.1920

I just purchased this magnificent close-up portrait of FDR on eBay.

I initially thought it was earlier but this Chicago Tribune file photo is clearly dated to the 1920 campaign and he is apparantly wearing the same suit and tie, leading to the conclusion that this portrait was airbrushed, considering the lack of the mole on the right cheek and lack of the scar on the lateral left eyebrow seen in earlier photos that probably came from the incident as a child described in Geoff Ward's Before the Trumpet. The pre-malignant melanoma still dates back to 1920.
Here is a pot-pourri of earlier pictures from various dates. As previosly noted, on the basis of these photographs, it would appear that FDR had some minor cosmetic work done about the time of the 1920 campaign.

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