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Monday, March 21, 2011

My Talk at Mayo Clinic. Latest news, downloads

Last Friday I had the privilege of speaking at the Mayo Clinic, Phoenix. My talk on FDR's epilepsy was well received and my sincere thanks to Dr. Joseph Sirven, Chairman of the Departmant of Neurology and director of the epilepsy division for his wonderful hospitality and enthusiasm.

A podcast of my talk on "FDR's Deadly Secret" given at the New York Military Affairs Symposium (NTMAS) can be downloaded at

just click below my picture on the website (may take a few seconds to load). Thanks here to Bob Rowen.

Looking forward with great anticipation to sharing the podium with Harry Goldsmith at the Lahey Clinic in Boston on April 9th.

Happy spring to all. Woke up to a snowstorm this morning!

your most appreciative blogger,

Steven Lomazow


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