Annotated Text and Audio link to March 1st 1945 Yalta Speech

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sixty Three and Still Going Strong

Since I am now 63 and was born on January 24th and FDR died at 63 on April 15th 1945 and was born on January 3oth, I have now outlived him. While I feel my age, I am just as active as I was thirty years ago.

Even accounting for the increased longetivity of the present, the cadaveric images from Yalta speak for just how sick our 32nd President was- dying of cancer that still today has not been completely accepted as the cause of his demise.

The official cover story of the deterioration being due to terrible strains of managing the war simply does not hold any water. FDR was working a four hour day the last year of his life and spent months of quiet rest in South Carolina and Georgia.

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