Annotated Text and Audio link to March 1st 1945 Yalta Speech

Sunday, April 3, 2011

$5000 Reward Offer

I will pay $5000 cash for a complete unedited video of FDR's March 1, 1945 speech to congress. This is clearly one of Roosevelt's most important speeches, whereupon he pursues his legacy for the future, The United Nations and reports to the nation about his meeting with Stalin and Churchill at Yalta. No complete video has yet been located. The might seem surprising, yet the reason is quite clear. FDR made numerous ad libs and errors that were simply not permissable to be shown in the environment of airtight control of the media. Even the audio version (see link above) has been edited. In fact, Jonathan Daniels had a helluva time coming up with a workable transcript for the "official" version that went to the press and now appears on most websites (see Daniels book for details). You won't find it at the FDR Library. Perhaps, as Michael Moore found a "lost" FDR video of a 1944 speech taken when FDR was recovering from one of his episodes of "influenza", in this case probably a mild stroke, the video might be in some dusty corner of a library or press archive. Perhaps it as actually still classified as secret, despite being given to both houses of congress. Good hunting! Historical truth will be well served if it is located.

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