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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did Frank Lahey participate in the coverup? Absolutely!

People in Boston, where the venerable Dr. Frank H. Lahey ruled the roost until his death in 1953, are loath to believe that a man of his ethics (and politics) would participate in a medical coverup. Well, he did. Here's a letter that provides unequivocal proof of that fact, written in late 1944 to Admiral McIntire to explain the circumstances of an interviw by a reporter from a St. Louis newspaper.

The fact of the matter is that within the juggernaut of FDR's powerful medical deceptions, Frank Lahey was just another pawn.

Lahey had a very intense relationship with McIntire as one of the leaders of the military medical effort from 1942. Here is that proof as well.

This is only one of a number of panels of medical superstars that Lahey chaired for Mcintire during the war. Another panel included William Calhoun Stirling, FDR's urologist.

This is probably the time Lahey began seeing FDR professionally as well, or perhaps even earlier during the time of Roosevelt's, massive lower GI bleed between May and July 1942. Its only logical that as one of the world's leading experts, Lahey would have been consulted, though theres not one iota of proof (FDR was exceedingly efficient at covering up his medical problems).

The two great physicians had great respect for each other. That is the reason why Mcintire permitted Lahey to file his memorandum so that his reputation would be respected. One thing that can't be proven, though is highly likely to have occurred, is a deal between the two men whereupon Lahey was not permitted to reveal the real reason for his participation- Cancer.

This is why we are in the very peculiar position of a leading abdominal surgeon offering a cardiac prognosis and a brilliant clinical cardiologist (Bruenn) treating an acute abdomen (at Hobcaw in April 1944). None of this makes apparent sense, but in the context of the cover-up it does.

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