Annotated Text and Audio link to March 1st 1945 Yalta Speech

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fala Speech. September 23, 1944. FDR at his best.

On September 23, 1944 FDR gave his famous "Fala speech", one that did much to reassure the American voting public that their President was up to the task of running the country for the next four years. The 39 minute, 30 second speech (only partially seen here) was delivered in a friendly environment at a campaign dinner in Washington, D.C., before the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffers. Warehousemen and Helpers of America. It shows FDR at his very best, despite the fears of his staff and family that, in his weakened physical state, he would be unable to carry the day. His incredible showmanship and guile are demonstrated to the fullest. The clip of the speech begins 20 seconds into this biopic and lasts about two minutes. It's worth the wait! There's also a relatively long clip of the March 1, 1945 speech to congress shortly afterwards.

Text of the entire speech:

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